Treatments Age-Defense

Firming anti-wrinkle care

Your Yon-Ka treatment steps

An aromatic compress,

2 warm mists with 9 essential oils,

A vegetable scrub,


Elimination of blackheads,

Targeted anti-wrinkle and firmness care,

Relaxing shaping of face, neck and neckline,

2 masks: contour of eyes and lips, face, neck and neckline,

A protecting regenerating base layer,

Re-invigoration: olfactory stimulation, stretches...

Anti-wrinkles, firming, energizing, this advanced treatment, highly concentrated in natural agent act as a mini-lift.

Results : your face feels new, your complexion regains youthfulness.

Advised for all mature skins, as part of a set of 4 treatments, to really get your face to top condition.

Time Length 50 min

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