• The "2 in 1" eyes and lips rejuvenation contour
    Anti-wrinkle, Regenerating, Hydrating
    Contours of eyes and lips visibly rejuvenated
    Day & Night
    • 93% of natural ingredients


The "2 in 1" eyes and lips rejuvenation contour.
This renewing gel with fruit acids is very precisely formulated to gently smooth wrinkles and fine lines, and to hydrate the lip and eye contour while providing a pleasant feeling of freshness.

Eyes and lips contour are visibly rejuvanated.


In the morning and/or evening after makeup removal, apply a thin layer of gel to the eyes & lips contour.

Essential Ingredients

• AHA (fruit acids from: lemon, orange, sugar cane, maple and blueberry): anti-wrinkle - renovating - hydrating
• Hyaluronic acid: hydrating
• Mimosa tenuiflora, marine peptides: regenerating - smoothing
• Essential oil of peppermint: refreshing
• Essential oil of lavender: calming

15ml t

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Éclat contour

Éclat Contour

Anti-wrinkle treatment, anti-puffiness, protecting from dark circles and crows feet

Time Length: 45 min

Advised for treatment or upkeep, and recommended from the 1st signs of fatigue, the CONTOUR treatment reduces wrinkles and fine lines, puffiness and dark circles whilst stimulating the tone of eyelids.

a fresh glowing look.

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For optimum effect, apply a thick layer of gel once a week and allow it to sit for 15 minutes.
Delicately tap the skin lightly to ensure that any excess is absorbed.
If necessary, rinse with cool water and re-apply a thin layer of gel.