• CREME 55
    Slimming, Anti-water retention
    Body, slimming
    Day & Night
    • 94% of natural ingredients
    • Paraben free


Slimming and water retention care.
To assist in refining the figure, this phyto-aromatic massage cream that is rich in climbing ivy with legendary "anti-water retention" virtues improves the tone and texture of the epidermis, and preserves its tone during weight changes.

Drains, favors refining the figure. Adds flexibility to tissue and improves elasticity. Assists the combat of aqueous cellulite.


Apply the cream morning and/or night after the shower or bath with PHYTO-BAIN on slightly damp skin, concentrating on the concerned areas. For a strengthened slimming effect, alternate with CREME 155.
To establish a tailored Slimming Program, ask for advice from one of the Yon-Ka approved centers.

Essential Ingredients

• Climbing ivy, Quintessence Yon-Ka (essential oils of lavender, geranium, rosemary, cypress and thyme): slimming – anti-water 

125ml t

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Detox slimming wrap

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Advised to form part of a slimming program. We recommend to set up a personalized program to fit your specific needs and invite you to come and visit one of our certified Yon-Ka Centers.

feeling light and sprightly.

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