• Purifying and matifying cream for oily skins
    Purifying, Matifying, Calming, Protecting
    Oily skin
    • 92% of natural ingredients


Purifying and matifying cream for oily skins.
Unmatched for eliminating shine and purifying oily skin, this purifying cream balances sebaceous secretions, tightens dilated pores, and keeps makeup fresh and long-lasting.

Purified, glowing and matified skin.


In the morning and/or evening, after cleansing and spraying on LOTION YON-KA, apply the cream to the face and neck.

Essential Ingredients

• Bardane, Quintessence Yon-Ka (essential oils of lavender, geranium, rosemary, cypress and thyme): purifying, astringent
• Climbing ivy: soothing
• Vitamin E : anti-oxidant
• Vitamin A : regenerating
• Olive oil, soy proteins: protecting - repairing

50ml t

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a bright and glowing complexion!

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Also excellent to attend to scurf and to sooth burns.
For a tailored solution to specific needs, use both the cream and the energizing concentrate recommended by a Yon-Ka authorized center.