• Yon-Ka Neroli massage candle oil
    Serenity massage oil candle with orange blossom
    All skin types
    Day & Night
    • 97% of natural ingredients
    • Preservative free
    • Paraben free


Serenity granted!


As its flame emerges, the air soaks up the smooth and light, elegant citrus notes of Neroli, Petitgrain and Orange: the body and mind are instantly relaxed and soothed. It then transforms into a warm and precious ointment with a smooth and gentle, soft and rich texture whose effects last long after it is applied.

Leaves your skin silky and regenerated, and provides you with an exceptional wellbeing experience.


• For you alone

– Light the candle and place it on the side of the bathtub.

– Have a bath with one dose of PHYTO-BAIN (1 capful) for 15 to 20 mn.

– Step out of the bath, carefully dry the skin.

– Apply the warm oil of candle (as a body lotion or oil).

• Pleasure for two

– In a warm setting with soft, subtle lighting and relaxing music, light

the candle and place it on a saucer.

– Let it melt for 10 to 15 minutes.

– Ask your partner to lie down on a towel.

– Hold the candle between your hands for a few seconds to warm your palms.

– Pour a small amount of oil onto the body or into the palm of your hand. Place the lit candle back on the saucer.

– Spread the warmed oil over the area of the body to be massaged, using wide and slow gliding movements.

– If necessary, use a damp cloth to remove any excess oil.

– Blow out the candle at the end of the treatment.

Essential Ingredients

•  Shea butter: softening - repairing - nourishing

•  Organic virgin sesame oil: restructuring - anti-dehydrating - anti-aging

•  Mango butter: regenerating - antioxidant

•  Neroli,  Petitgrain and Orange Essential Oils: calming - relaxing

Ceramic jar with spout 125 g, (about 5 massages).

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Revitalizing, Relaxing

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Yon-Ka Neroli serenity oil candle massage

Neroli Serenity Treatment

Precious oil candle serenity treatment

Time Length: 60 min

Un moment hors du temps à renouveler aussi souvent que possible.

Recovered serenity, incredibly soft skin.

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Precautions of use

The candle melts at a relatively low temperature of 37 to 40°C.

– Always place the candle in a saucer. Make sure the wick measures ½ cm before lighting the candle. Cut it shorter if necessary.

– Do not pour the hot oil directly on the skin when the melted product reaches within 2 cm of the bottom of the container.

– Do not leave the candle lit for more than 1/2 an hour. Put out the fl ame at the end of the treatment.

– Do not apply to wounds (cuts, infected areas, etc.).

– Extinguish the fl ame if the candle is entirely liquefi ed.

– Do not apply to face or mucous membranes.

– Do not swallow.

– Keep out of reach of children and pets.

– Store in a cool, dry place.


100%: a pleasant fragrance

100%: a soothing fragrance

100%: soft, velvety skin

*Open test: 10 women aged from 22 to 70