• PHYTO 152
    Firming, Revitalizing
    Body, firmness
    Day & Night
    • 94% of natural ingredients
    • Paraben free


Body draining & detox cream best with its Galbol 190 duo.
The full firming and revitalizing power of rosemary is the heart of this anti-sagging cream to help to tone the skin, shape the bust and reshape the figure. Its phyto-aromatic effects that release fatigue and refresh are provided to the whole body.
Used with GALBOL 190 for a reinforced firming action.

Helps to firm, to diminish stretch marks and maintain a well shaped breast. Relieves tired legs providing freshness and well-being. Its toning fragrance also provides an incredible energy.


Apply the cream morning and/or night after the shower or bath with PHYTO-BAIN on slightly damp skin, concentrating on the relevant areas.
For strengthened firming action, use the cream in combination with GALBOL 190 concentrate.

Essential Ingredients

• Rosemary, Quintessence Yon-Ka (essential oils of lavender, geranium, rosemary, cypress and thyme): firming - vitalizing
• Beech bud peptides: restructuring - regenerating
• Hazelnut oil, aloe vera, plant glycerin: nourishing - hydrating
• Vitamin E:  anti-oxidant

125ml t

Yon-Ka recommends you:



45-55 years old

Firming, Hydrating

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Revitalizing, Relaxing

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Jambes toniques

Jambes Toniques

Treatment for tired legs

Time Length: 40 min

On its own, as a remedy or for maintenance care, this treatment is the ultimate best for those people with tired legs. After a long day of shopping FOR EXAMPLE.

light, relieved legs.



Firming, smoothing body treatment

Time Length: 75 min

Use as part of an intensive treatment, for maintenance, after a change in weight, after pregnancy, or for age management of the contours (to combat the passage of time).

rejuvenated, the body appears to take on a new, firmer, younger skin that is incomparably soft and smooth.

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A couple of dashes on the temples or under the nostrils provide an immediate anti-fatigue effect.
Also recommended for tired legs.