SENSITIVE Crème Peaux Sensibles (sensitive skins)

  • SENSITIVE Crème peaux sensibles, sensitive skins reactive skins cream, anti-redness
    Background treatment for sensitive skins
    Sensitive & reactive skins - Redness
    Day & Night
    • 98% of natural ingredients
    • Paraben free


The best ally of sensitive and very reactive skins.


This innovating care is an intensive and background treatment that will soothe and strenghen sensitive skins.


It contains no perfume nor essential oils.


It will boost the skin's natural defenses to help it combat aggressions and its own weaknesses.


Thanks to the new and exlusive complex SENSIBIOTIC *, completed with sea mayweed**,  the skin is protected and less reactive. It is soothed immediately and feelings of discomfort vanish.


Better prepared the skin recovers its ability to protect itself and becomes genuinely less sensitive and less reactive. 



a blend of pre- and probiotics that reinforce the skin's natural defenses and stimulate the skin's good ecoflora to ensure its protection 

** rich in aminoacids, trace elements and minerals 




Soothing - Comforting - Desensitizing


In the morning and/or evening, after cleansing and spraying LOTION YON-KA mist, apply the cream to the face and neck.

Essential Ingredients

*  SENSIBIOTIC Complex - association of pre- and probiotics and sea mayweed: calming - comforting - desensitizing


* Shea butter : nourishing - protecting


* Bisalobol : soothing - repairing


* Vegetal glycerin, oiive phytosqualane, polysaccharides rich in fucose : hydrating


t 50ml

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Treatment for Sensitive and hyper-reactive skins, treatment anti-redness


Calming and comforting care for sensitive skins, prone to redness

Time Length: 60 min

For hyper-reactive skins, sensitive skins, skins submitted to adverse treatments and those showing transitional or more permanent redness, diffuzed or localized. In intensive course of treatments : Once a week for a month (4 treatments) On a regular on-going basis : Once a month

Sensitive skins (1): - Soothed and alliviated skin : 100% - Discomfort feelings releaved (tautness, tingling, itching) : 100% - Desensitizing effect, less reactive skin: 100% Skins prone to redness (2): - Clinical scores : -63,1% redness after 1 treatment, -73% after a course of 4 treatments - Capillaries less visble, complexion more even: 90% (self-evaluation) - Cooling and soothing/relaxing effect of th treatment: 100% (self-evaluation) (1) Open test under dermatological control - self-evaluation on 10 women with sensitive skins (reactive skin) - 20 to 67 years old Intensive course of 4 treatments (1 treatment per week for a month) (2) Open test under dermatological control - Clinical scores / Self-evaluation -10 women with redness - 44 to 70 years old Course of 4 treatments : 1 treatment per week for a month

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Non comedogenic

Tolerance tested under dermatological control :

RESULTS (1) : the skin is soothed, less reactive, it can face aggrations and it become comfortable and radiant again.

* The skin is less sensitive, less irritated : 90% (2)

* The feelings of discomfort are relieved immediately and in the long run (tautness, tingling, itching): 90% (2)

* Skin reactivity: -47% (3) after 28 days


(1) Test conducted on 20 women with ultra-reactive and sensitive skins, all skin types (normal, combination, oily, dry atopic) - age 19 to 60.

Use of SENSITIVE Crème peaux sensibles for 4 weeks, morning and evening

(2) Self assessment under dermatological control 

(3) Stinging test (evaluation of the soothing effect)