Time Resist Crème Jour

  • Time Resist Crème Jour
    An innovative duo to control the signs of aging
    Women from 45 years old
    • 96% of natural ingredients
    • Paraben free


Aging is a part of the natural life cycle, which is predetermined at birth. Aging skin reveals the effects of time passing and the skin can thin, wrinkle, and loose its density and radiance. External factors (pollution, smoking, alcohol, sun, etc.) speed up these phenomena.


The TIME RESIST duo is therefore a precious ally for your skin: it provides it with advanced natural ingredient technology that neutralizes the effects of these external factors: controlling the visible signs of aging.

At the heart of these velvety and hydrating formulas is an all-new synergy that combines new-generation plant-based stem cells with the anti-inflamm'aging Youth Energy lipoaminoacid, to uphold your skin's youth. 

Protected throughout the entire day, technologically advanced microspheres* enriched with hyaluronic acid visibly smooth wrinkles and give the skin more bounce.

In time, wrinkles are visibly smoothed, skin is plumped, signs of tiredness are diminished and your complexion is much brighter.


Discover a new application gesture with the touch & slide airless jar. it delivers the right dose of cream by pressing down once on the cap. This economic innovation is safe and maintains the beautiful aromatic pleasures of Yon-Ka products.

After cleansing and spraying on some Yon-Ka Lotion, apply the TIME RESIST day cream in the morning and TIME RESIST night cream in the evening to the neck, face and décolleté. 

Essential Ingredients

* Youth activating - redensifying : Plant-based Saponaria Pumila stem cells, Youth Energy lipoaminoacid, wakame extract.

* Hydrating - nourrishing : vegetable glycerin, grape seed oil, shea butter.

* Wrinkle filler : microspheres(hyaluronic acid low molecular weight + konjac), hyaluronic acid, oat polysaccharides.

50 ml airless jar

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Time Resist Crème Nuit

Time Resist Crème Nuit

45-55 años

El dúo innovador para borrar los signos de la edad.

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Time Resist Yon-Ka

Time Resist

Redensifying, wrinkle filler and anti-fatigue treatment.

Time Length: 60/90 min

Used alone or in cure of 4 treatments. For all women from 45 years old,

Results* : - 12% of wrinkles after the 1st treatment - 37% of wrinkles after the 2nd treatment *Open test on 10 women having received the TIME RESIST treatment twice. Measurement after the 1st and 2nd treatments.

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Innovative formula  in line with the exceptional results.


After 28 days of using the TIME RESIST creams, skin is smoother, firmer and more supple and elastic :

• Reduced wrinkles: -75%*

• 100%** of women found their skin to be more beautiful

*CLINICAL TEST – Dermatological evaluation after application of the TIME RESIST duo in the morning and evening by 20 women aged 40 to 55 for 4 weeks (best results)

*CONSUMER TEST – Self-evaluation after application of the TIME RESIST duo in the morning and evening by 45 women aged 35 to 55 for 4 weeks.