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Yon-Ka for Men product range


Yon-Ka for men offers a tailored response to problems with men's more oily skin, thicker and more frequently damaged by shaving with 3 essential actions: purify – restore - rejuvenate, which constitute a full process that is easy to follow for everyday well-being.
PURIFY is the first step: allow your skin to breathe and optimise the action of other skincare products.
RESTORE is the ultimate step in skincare pleasure.
REJUVENATE is the essential step to preserve your skin’s youthfulness.

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  • Anti-ageing for men

    ANTI-AGING Hydrating, Restructuring, Anti-ageing

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  • Perfect skin from the moment you wake up

    GEL MOUSSE Cleansing, Purifying

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  • Anti-puffiness and dark circles

    GEL YEUX Anti-puffiness, (Prevention and treatment of) dark circles

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  • A blow of freshness

    LOTION YK Lotion, After-shave, Revitalizing

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  • Nutri Cream Yon-Ka for Men

    NUTRI-CREME Protecting, Anti-oxidant, Energizing

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  • SCRUB MOUSSE - 3 in 1 anti-dull complexion scrub

    SCRUB MOUSSE Exfoliation, Scrub, Purifying

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  • Smooth and Anti-razor burns shaving care

    SHAVING CREAM Shaving cream

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