Treatments Vital Défense

Vital défense
Treatment to prevent aging, anti-oxidant, anti-pollution

Your Yon-Ka treatment steps

An aromatic compress,Cleansing make-up removal followed by a clay mask,2 mists with 5 essential oils,2 vegetable scrubs,Peeling,Relaxing shaping for face, neck and neck-line,Oxygenating cream/clay mask for face and neck,A mask for the eye contours,The bases for treating the face and eyelids,Energizing: olfactory stimulation, stretching...

The shield against damage to protect the beauty of youth that is advised for all skins lacking vitality, for those with uneven complexions, smokers and city-dwellers who are permanently engulfed in pollutiION.

Results : your skin can breathe freshness!

Advised for young skins (25-35 years) to fight aging caused by external aggression and all skins that are dull and need more vitality.

Time Length 60 min

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