Yon-Ka AGE DEFENSE face range


A genuine anti-aging specialist, Yon-Ka provides a targeted response, from prevention - AGE DEFENSE - to treatment of the visible signs of aging - AGE CORRECTION. AGE DEFENSE products naturally enable the skin to restore its balance and regain its vital energy, effectively combating age.

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  • Regulating cream for combination skins

    CREME 93 Equilibrante, Matifiante, Protecrice

    Bénéfices :
    Une peau nette et matifiée. Une parfaite tenue de...

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  • Purifying and matifying cream for oily skins

    CREME PG Purifiante, Matifiante, Calmante, Protectrice

    Bénéfices :
    Une peau purifiée, affinée et matifiée.

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