Treatments Phyto Marine

Phyto marine
Slimming treatment with seaweed or sea clay

Your Yon-Ka treatment steps

An aromatic feet compress

Targeted Yon-Ka slimming techniques

Wrap from seaweed or sea clays

A toning shower

The application of a trio to drain, increase flexibility and hydrate the tissues

A fresh aromatic awakening

Gradually remodels the figure,
eliminates cellulite while keeping skin firm: these are the goals of this phyto-aromatic, thalassotherapeutic slimming treatment. Under the effect of Yon-Ka's specific techniques combined with
detoxifying, draining brown seaweed or sea clay wraps
and concentrated plant extracts,
the circulation of blood in the skin is stimulated, intensifying exchanges, gently accelerating the elimination process, and smoothing out “orange peel” skin.

Results : a visibly slimmer, shapelier figure.

A slimming treatment to be used as part of an intensive course of treatment or to maintain your figure.

Time Length 75 min

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