• Efficiency and Well Being

    Proven Efficiency


    Effective treatments respecting the skin


    Committed to deliver immediate and long lasting visible results, by providing the skin with all the natural means to help restore and maintain its optimum balance and bring accurate answers to all its issues in a very soft yet efficient manner.

    To this effect, Yon-Ka

    • has developed specific and tailor-made treatments, allying the expert touch of the skilled and trained Yon-Ka aesthetician together with the unparalleled performance of innovative natural actives we carefully selected and scrutinized in no less than 130 plants from all over the world.
    • controls and validates the actual efficiency of the finished products thanks to efficacy testing conducted by independent and chartered Clinical Laboratories – measuring of the firming effect, impact on the depth and appearance of the wrinkles, hydration levels…

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    Maximized results through well-being


    Feeling good as a global “inside out” approach to beauty.

    We all have experienced this fact and our long expertise as beauty professionals confirms it: When pleasure and efficiency work together then it is your whole being which enlightens: the skin is radiant again, the signs of fatigue and the stress related tensions disappear.

    Thus, while combining product efficiency, the art of the professional touch and the scented subtle communication of the Essential Oils aromas, the Yon-Ka treatments will set the perfect environment that will allow the skin to protect itself against both the external and internal aggressions it is exposed to on a daily basis.