• Expertise

    Over 60 years of expertise


    60 years of expertise: A real and undisputed know-how


    Whether we are talking about aromatherapy or phytotherapy related to skin care, for years Yon-Ka has always given priority to visible results with total safety, both for the skin care professional and the consumer. Each product is pre-dosed and blended with saviness, leaving no hazardous risks when it comes to the use of the Essential Oils which require extremely precise dosage and knowledge.

    Efficiency and Performance

    From the R&D department to the Production, at each step of the process, each department is supported and driven by our own in-house team of experts – pharmacists, chemist engineers, biologist, bacteriologists…


    The core of our Research is grounded on the constant search and discovery of new innovative active ingredients with the objective to help delay and reduce the signs of aging, protect the skin against environmental pollutions…

    Each product reflects the proven efficiency, developed and tested by our teams and which results are confirmed by independent Medical Researchers working for Chartered Laboratories.

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    Using cutting edge equipment


    In order to ensure perfect quality and safety, we continue to acquire the most accurate and latest technologies:

    • For analyzing:  the active ingredients used in our formulas:gas and liquid Chromatography, UV visible spectrophotometry …


    • For production: clean/white rooms for filtered air certified production room -classified ISO 7-, along with stainless steel vats  and high-tech vacuum melting blenders.

    The Art of Touch: a Touch of Our Art


    At Yon-Ka we consider each individual in the entirety, and our approach is holistic. Every treatment and method we offer you will convey this global approach to well-being beauty thru tailor-made and customized treatment.

    Our founding commitment at Yon-Ka:  (Immediate and long-lasting) visible results with a healing touch.



    This commitment is a core value we share with each and every Yon-Ka professionals and aestheticians, who, all over the world will endeavor so you can enjoy the utmost and unique Yon-Ka Experience.