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YON-KA Paris products are offered for resale only to authorized skin care and retail facilities. Philosophically, we adhere to the idea that you will benefit most by using our products in conjunction with regular consultation and treatments from our professional partners. This ensures that you are getting what you need from YON-KA to sustain a healthy skin care regimen.
YON-KA Paris neither endorses nor encourages the sale or purchase of our products on sites such as eBay, Amazon, or any other non-partner-affiliated website. We cannot vouch for the authenticity, quality, or expiration period of these products. Sellers on these and similar sites are illegally using YON-KA Paris'copyrighted images, trademarks and logos, etc., as well as selling professional products clearly not for resale. YON-KA Paris partners who do sell on the internet must adhere to our terms and conditions.