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    Airless 50ml


    Airless 50ml


A day and night duo acting like a youthfulness activator program

Researches on skin aging have brought to light the role of 2 factors:

  • A slowing down of the cells activity and the decline of both the quantity of stem cells leading to a depletion of the renewal of the keratinocytes, and losses in the quantity of fibroblasts leading to the decrease of the synthesis of hyaluronic acid, collagen and elastin.
  • The “inflamm'aging”, which through oxidative stress speeds up the aging of skin tissues

To address these issues, Yon-Ka has designed an innovative synergy of actives proceeding from biotechnology:

  • Vegetal stem cells of saponaria pumila to help promote the activity of the stem cells of the skin
  • YOUTH ENERGY : a lipoaminoacid complex  to fight “inflamm'aging”

We have enriched both TIME RESIST creams with an extract of wakame for its restructuring properties along with hydrating and nourishing actives such as shea butter and vegetal glycerin.

Adopt the synergetic actions of our TIME-RESIST duo Jour et Nuit (Day and Night) to help promote radiant and visibly younger looking skin with this genuine youthfulness activating program.

Range description

TIME-RESIST JOUR - Plumping effect, and wrinkles filler

As time passes by, and with age, the skin tends to become thinner and to lose it density and firmness.
In this day version of the program, the path-breaking association of vegetal stem cells of saponaria pumila for their regenerating properties with the YOUTH ENERGY lipoaminoacid complex that helps fight inflammaging, is complemented with filling sphere (of konjac and hyaluronic acid of high molecular weight) and oat polyoses for their filling and plumping properties.

With TIME-RESIST Jour, your complexion is more radiant, and your skin, protected from the detrimental effects of time, is firmer, smoother and looks visibly younger.

TIME-RESIST Nuit - Launch the repair program at night

In the night version or our duo, the vegetal stem cells of saponaria pumila with their regenerating properties and the YOUTH ENERGY lipoaminoacid complex that helps fight inflammaging, have been complemented with anti-fatigue and smoothing actives such as euglena gracilis, the Sacha Inchi oil and an extract of Silk Tree.

With TIME RESIST Nuit, as nights go by, the skin results better nourished and smoother; the signs of fatigue seem to vanish and the complexion is glowing with a new light and energy.

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Airless 50ml
With time, the skin becomes thinner and lacks density and tone.
Based upon the latest biotechnologies, Yon-ka has developped a unique synergy of actives to combat the signs of ageing :
- Saponaria pumila vegetal stem cells in order to fight the lack of activity of the skin's stem cells,
- YOUTH ENERGY: a lipoaminoacid to counteract a major aggravating factor of skin ageing: "inflammaging"
- Filler spheres and hyaluronic acid with high molecular weight for their filling and plumping effet.



Airless 50ml
In order to combat the appearance of the signs of aging, Yon-Ka has developped a unique and highly effective synergy of actives using the latest biotechnologies:
- Saponaria pumila vegetal stem cell to counteract the decline of the skin's cells activity
- YOUTH ENERGY a lipoaminoacid complex fighting a major aggravating factor of skin ageing: "inflammaging"
- anti-fatigue and smoothing actives like euglena gracilis, Sacha Inchi oil and silk tree extract.

Night after night, the skin is nourished, smoothed, the signs of fatigue vanish and the complexion is glowing and radiant again.



T 50 ml
With its creamy texture enriched in powerful anti-ageing and radiance boosters, this mask defies the signs of ageing: the skin is better toned, pumpled, the complexion is glowing, the skin looks visibly younger. Relying on a unique and exceptional formulation and two patents, it brings back comfort and youthfulness to mature skins.
Quack grass combined with sweet almonds proteins firm and tone the face features for an immediate lifting effect.

Like smoothed by the action of the fruit acid and the collagen, the fine lines and wrinkles seem to vanish. Thanks to the the anti-pigmentaion properties of the red algae, the complexion is brighter and more even.
Thanks to the smoothness of EXCELLENCE CODE MASQUE, the signs of tiredness fade away and the face recovers its glow and tighter features.



T 15 ml
EXCELLENCE CODE CONTOURS acts upon all signs of ageing and tiredness impacting the face's more sensitive areas. While providing the necessary hydration and nutrition, this velvety cream dims fine lines and wrinkles : the eye contour is smoothed, the eyes look brighter, the lip contour is better defined, like redesigned. Puffiness and dark circles visibly vanish, the eye contour is more tonic , the upper eyelid is tightened.

Thanks to its light catcher natural pink pigments, this cream provides an immediate brightnening effect. A result enhanced by the association of red algae and garden nutritium, which evens out and brightens the complexion.