GALBOL 190, firming concentrate for body and bust

The firming concentrate

GALBOL 190 draws its actives from 20 plant extracts in order to fight skin sagging. Horsetail, rich in silicon, combined amongst other with hop and yarrow help firm slackening skin. Hydrating agents, PCA and vegetal glycerine help prevent from dehydration. With this fluid, the epidermis is smoother and the figure more toned.
Thanks to its water-based non oily texture, GALBOL 190 is quickly absorbed. It leaves an invigorating scent on the skin.

Adopt and mix this skin care ritual

Whether to help prevent or maintain, spray GALBOL 190 morning and evening after taking your shower, then help penetrate with active motions.


You can alternate the application of GALBOL 190 with PHYTO 152 , or you may elect to combine them both morning and evening during a month for an intensive firming course of treatments.


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