GOMMAGE DOUX for the body

For soft and silky skin

This smoothing cream helps remove the dead cells of the skin thanks to the exfoliating properties of bamboo and apricot kernel powders. Together they help promote soft and clean skin.
2 in 1 treatment, this soft scrub combines Mango butter, sesame oil and vegetal glycerine, recognised for their hydrating and replenishing properties. After being applied, this scrub leaves a light veil of moisture. The skin is silky soft.

Soft exfoliation on a weekly basis

Once or twice a week, apply the scrub onto damp skin, massage then rinse with tepid water. For increased efficacy, when used on heals, knees and elbows, this soft scrub should be applied on dry skin.


After applying Gommage doux, boost your skin hydration with Lait Hydratant .


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